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Master Wu Song Fua

Following article by They Soon Tuan



Master Wu Song Fua began his Wushu training in the Chin Woo Athletic Association whilst he was still a boy.  


After many years he acquired an outstanding reputation in Chin Woo, having achieved a high level of proficiency. 


In his early twenties he reached the turning point in his Martial Art’s career. He travelled all over Taiwan, from school to school and from master to master, looking for confirmation of the proficiency of his skill.Taiwan is a land that has produced many fine martial artists who were able to test their skill and techniques against the Japanese invaders during the Second World War. After travelling and visiting countless numbers of masters he felt more and more satisfied with his achievements in Martial Arts until he came across the advisor to the Martial Arts Commission of the Republic of China, Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao. 


Master Wu was profoundly impressed by Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao’s depth of knowledge in Martial Arts.  



Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao with Master Wu


Master Wu trained whole-heartedly for six hours a day under Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao’s supervision, whilst also attending the University of Taiwan. For three years he slept in the training hall at night, waking up at five a.m. to train for two hours before attending university and then spending the whole evening training and assisting Grand Master Liu in teaching.  


While he was teaching, he introduced to the people of Taiwan the arts he had learnt previously which had been given new life by Grand Master Liu. The arts of Chin Woo taught by Master Wu were later brought to Japan by some of his Japanese students who studied with him during this time. 


Three years later the Grand Master honoured him by being given the status of one who had mastered the art. He was subsequently instructed to return home in order to promote the teaching of Wutan, the school that was founded by Master Liu Yun Qiao, who is accredited by many Chinese and Japanese martial artists to have been the greatest living master in the world. 


After many years of teaching, Master Wu now has many disciples in Malaysia, able to honour the teachings of Grand Master Liu. Here in Great Britain there are also twelve, who have passed in-depth scrutiny by Master Wu, investing great effort in their training.


All members of Wutan UK are now training directly under Master Wu’s guidance. Hopefully, more students will be able to fulfil the expectation of Wutan, and honour the Masters who have passed on this heritage.


 -Edited by Laurence Chapman



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