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Tai Chi Get Together


An invitation to all Wutan members to come together for group practise of qigong and tai

chi, with various opportunities to show your skills and taste Sifu They’s fine cooking.


Date Sunday 31st January 2010 (Doors open at 10am)


Venue Southampton HQ


Entrance fee £3 (includes lunch)



QIGONG to be led by Sifu They



£2 per person to participate


Teams to consist of 2-5 persons inclusive


Strictly no participation by instructors or competitors who have been trained to national or

international competition levels


All prize winners will receive a limited edition of Master Wu’s calligraphy


Anyone wishing to perform accompanied by music may bring their CD or MP3 player. A

sound system will be in place to amplify these


A Short Yang style from cross arms


Awards will be made in the following 5 categories:-

1. Best performance where all team members have been training for less than 18 months

2. Best overall technical performance (whole team)

3. Best synchronised team performance

4. Best veterans performance (all team members 60+ years)

5. Best turned out team (Wutan uniform or costume of choice)


B First Xingyi linking set (Wu xing lian huan)


C Two person Xingyi linking set


D Pole versus Bokken


E Section of Tai Chi sword (42 step) starting at beginning of set


Events B-E to be judged on best team performance only




At lunchtime, Red bean soup, Green bean soup and Malaysian salad will be available. All

prepared by the Master Chef of the celebrated Lucky Tummy cafe. Please bring a spoon

and fork and your own food to complement this.




These two events are for individuals:-


£1 per person to participate


All prize winners will receive a limited edition of Master Wu’s calligraphy


F Show your skill in using chopsticks See how many beans you can get into your bowl in

one minute. Please bring your own chopsticks.


G Tai Chi Quiz Become the Tai Chi Mastermind. Ten easy questions about Tai Chi, all

taken from Sifu They’s purple book, ‘Tai Chi The Treasure of Mankind’. Winner will be the

first entry, with the most correct answers, drawn from the box. Please bring a pen and a

sheet of paper.





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