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Mission of WutanUK



As a kid, my family was very poor, when we were ill we could not afford to see a doctor. Our three meals normally consist of rice porridge with Soya source, fried peanuts or salted dried parsnip. As a result I was a lot smaller then other boys and always was picked on.

My world was dark, sad and lonely.  It is Kung fu that gave me hope and light. It is Kung fu that turns my sad miserable world into a beautiful heaven.


When I came to this country, I noticed many kung fu teachers were actually teaching karate technique with a few strange movements added. A few restaurant workers, who have learnt some kung fu before they came to UK, exploited the situation by getting their students to open as many classes as possible and giving them all the money to make them rich. I wanted to make a different, with the approval of my teacher, I started teaching kung fu and tai chi.

Over the years of teaching, thousands gain great health benefits by learning a good way to look after their body through training martial arts with our school.


To introduce the benefits of kung fu training to more people, I understand that I need to have an instructor team to set up school and teaching in all corners.

This goal armed with one-man, one bicycle, and a student railcard. Foundation of Wutan was set in several towns in the UK, energised with 2 meals of fish and chips with a bottle of milk (in those days, fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper, which tasted a lot nicer and is only 65p per portion, milk came in glass bottles with red or yellow top only 11p and 12p)


To make it possible for everyone to access our classes and to provide them with the health benefits Martial arts training embodies, our school have a policy of keep class fees as small as economically viable.


To enable people from different faiths able to train in our school and live in harmony, the school will not involve with teaching of religious beliefs. To date we have instructors who are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu Pagan and atheist. They will share with you the joy of martial arts training but not brainwash you to take up their religion believes.


Every now and then we hear martial arts practitioner using the status or their school, system and the healing ability gained from effective training to cheat and scheme the hard earning of the sick and trusting nature of the desperate. We also witnessed different cult group shielded under the name of promoting spiritual well being, exploiting the naivety toward chi kung and meditation, some martial schools was turned into the recruitment channel of these cult group. To prevent the same happening to our school, we will promote only the martial arts chi kung that I have selected to cultivate greatest health benefit.


Our mottos are:

To use martial arts training to enhance health and cultivate our wisdom.

To use the power of virtue cultivated from martial arts training to handle daily challenges.


  1. When a student comes to Wutan s/he pays our instructor a fee to exercise in the class in order to be healthy.
  2. As you progress to a good standard, we will ask you if you want to help in teaching, and if you do we will help prepare you to become a teacher and join out instructor team to promote these arts of healthy living, helping us work for a better world to hand down to our children.
  3. If s/he can cover the expenditure of teaching, s/he is considered paid for to become healthier.
  4. If s/he can make a living from the teaching, Wutan have created a job for the society.


As an instructor, we all have our personal weaknesses.

    • Sometimes we are too attached to our students and don’t want them to leave our class.
    • Sometimes we worry to lose their respect if our students become instructors or better.
    • Sometimes we want to keep our students as our assistance forever as it is more convenient.
    • Sometimes we do not think carefully about the real consequences to the whole school before each action we are to or not to commit.  


All these human weaknesses, along with geography and environment conditions, plus my own poor organising ability, our school is still not able to utilised it maximum potential.

In a city of population in its 500 thousands, we only have around 100 training with Wutan making it only 0.02 % of that population.


May all WutanUK’s instructors always:

  • Work for a harmonious united school,
  • Place the interest of the whole school before themselves,
  • Learnt through mistakes, not just made by themselves but as well as those made by other,
  • Teach their students not just as good as they themselves but better.

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