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A Complete Martial Arts School

[The Wutan UK representative, They Soon Tuan, commenced his martial arts tuition with his father before his 7th birthday. From that day on, martial arts became the most important part of his life. He spent at least 5 hours every day in training learning every technique and system that his crane style master recommended. After teaching on behalf of his teacher for 4 yrs in the East, he came to the UK. Having an oriental background, he understands that the reason many instructors cannot enable their students to fulfil their potential even after 20 years of hard training is that they discontinue their own training as soon as they have achieved Black Belt status. It is for this reason that Sifu They still returns regularly to visit his Master for further instruction, even though he has now been a teacher in his own right for 20 years.

[All UK’s branch instructors polish and advance their skills continually in the “weekly instructor intensive training program” For Sifu They, this is the only way to ensure that what the students are taught is genuine. As most students here train less then 2 hours per week, it is not possible to teach all the systems that he learnt in his early years. In kung fu only wing chun, praying mantis and 5 animals system are selected for the public at present.

[Although our teaching structure is still in no way perfect, I believe we are already on the right track and we continue to seek improvement. Our results of 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals in last European Wushu championships (Holland) and almost 20 gold medals in 1999 British national Wushu championships is a good evidence. Why don’t you join us to help us to achieve an even better result. We will train you not just to become a respectable martial artist but also a respectable good coach to help us in promoting these healthy worthwhile activity into every corner.


Wutan TaiJi International were formally registered in 1981 with the M.A.C. and BKFC(BCCMA)- The Only Sports Council Recognised Governing Body For Chinese Martial Arts



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