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Men and Women of all ages and from all walks of life have found training with Wutan’s instructors in the UK and abroad has improved their health, self-defence, fitness and spiritual development.

Wutan has been pleased to introduce thousands of absolute beginners into martial arts training
, and some have become teachers for Wutan UK.  Many are happy just being a member of Wutan, using our class to maintain their health. Some of these members have been with our school for almost 30 years and are still able to find something interesting to learn in each class. There are also a small numbers of members who have gone on to set up their own schools, using what they have learnt from our teaching with a few modifications and additions collected from here and there. Unfortunately we have also encountered classes who claim to be part of our organisation but are running without my awareness.


Many Wutan members also share their expertise from their professional fields with our school, helping Wutan to serve our society better. Listed below are some of the senior members of Wutan UK (not necessarily in order of their seniority).


They Soon Tuan - Gate Keeper, Wutan UK

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Instructors follow WutanUK SyllabusBranches listed on left.

Brown Belts or with Wutan for over 8 years

Wutan Competition Team

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